Joining Requirements Crystal River Cruises


Our Riverships are registered in Malta, therefore to be considered to be a candidate and work onboard you need to have an EU passport and also to be a EU resident.



It is mandatory for all new crew to obtain a Medical Examination test prior to joining. In order to work onboard, you need to be declared fit for duty.

Crystal Cruises will provide you with a Crystal Medical Examination form, which you need to bring with you to the doctor. Candidates with previous ship experience often have a medical that is still valid however since Crystal Cruises has its own medical examination form, a new examinations needs to be conducted.

Note that drug testing is a mandatory part of the Crystal medical examination.

Kindly note that you will be reimbursed for the medical fees. Please bring all original receipts onboard for reimbursement.



Crystal River Cruises is sailing under Maltese Flag and are paying social security contributions to Malta.

You are requested to contact the social security office in your country of residence, and inform them of your work activity. When Malta social security is informed by the authorities in your country of residence that you are subject to be insured under the Maltese social security system, they will be able to process your registration and assign you the social security number. An A1 Card will be issued with the social security number to proof that you are covered under Malta Social Security System. You will receive more guidelines when you are in the hiring process.

Note, it is mandatory to be registered in the Social System prior joining one of our River ships.



In order to join Crystal River Cruises you are require to obtain a background check/police record.