Working onboard Crystal Ocean


The official language onboard our ships is English. All candidates must demonstrate a good command of the English language prior to embarking the ship. It is mandatory for all new crew, staff and officers to complete and pass the Marlins English Language test when joining. English should always be spoken in the presence of guests – even when conversing with another crew member.

The areas available for leisure time activities include a fitness room, plunge pool, deck for sunbathing and a crew bar. In the ship’s slop chest you can buy toiletries, snacks, beverages etc. Crew Officer in cooperation with an elected Welfare Committee will be arranging crews’ entertainment like films, games, crew parties, soccer games, table tennis and other activities. At the beginning of every cruise, you will receive a Crew Activity Calendar which lists all the upcoming events for the cruise.

Living Arrangements: Depending on your position onboard, you will share a cabin with a fellow crew member. All cabins have wall to wall carpet, telephone, TV and bathroom. Limited free space and living together with a fellow crew member may be a new and different experience. Keeping your cabin clean, orderly and in good condition is everyones’ responsibility.

Electrical Outlet: Crew cabins have both American (110V) & West/Central European (220V) sockets. It is certainly recommended that crew brings along adapters for their gadgets, especially crew from the UK, South Africa, Latin America, Australia and some of the Asian countries (India, Nepal, etc).

Crew Mess/Officer Mess: Breakfast, lunch and dinner is served in Crew/Officers Mess.

Laundry:To wash your personal clothes, there is Crew Laundry, self-service washing and drying machines at your disposal. Your uniform is taken care of by your colleagues in the Laundry Department.



The uniform is provided the company and will be handed out onboard. Selected positions require that you buy shoes prior to joining.


Immediately upon boarding the ship, you will be required to “sign on” in the Crew Accountant’s office. You will hand in your passport, seaman’s book (if you have one), required safety training certificates, medical papers and employment agreement. You will then receive a crew card, which is your identification and must be carried with you at all times when going ashore and boarding the ship.

A “Buddy” (a member of your department) will greet you and assist you in picking up your uniform, show your cabin as well as the emergency exits.
Your Buddy will also help you familiarize with the ship prior to sailing and take you to the Safety Meeting where you will receive your emergency card.

Hotel Department: Approximately five (5) to six (6) months followed by approximately two (2) months vacation. This is based on an established vacation plan worked out by the ship.

Deck & Engine Department: 1:1 sailing rotation, approximately eight (8) weeks onboard followed by eight (8) weeks vacation.

Each crew member will receive, free of charge, an OceanPay Visa debit card. This card is yours personally, for life. The OceanPay card account is a US dollar account drawn on a US bank. You will receive your pay via direct deposit (free of charge) in your OceanPay card account each month while you’re working on board and while on vacation (for those with paid vacation time). You can transfer the money from your OceanPay account to any bank account worldwide, make purchases or pay bills, or just leave the money in the OceanPay account.

When joining one of our ships, it is mandatory that you attend a Safety Meeting for new, returning and newly promoted crew members.
As a crew member on board, you will be given a job description for your normal duties. In addition to this, all crew members have a duty to perform in event of an emergency.
In order to prepare for a hazardous situation, all crew must attend various emergency drills and special training.

In accordance with International Maritime Law, approximately twenty-five per cent of the crew must remain on board while the ship is in port for responding to fires and other emergencies. These duties are rotational and assigned by the department heads.

It is the policy of Crystal Cruises that our vessels be operated safely and with maximum concern for the environment. To this end, the use, sale or possession of illegal drugs; the misuse of legal drugs; and the immoderate or unauthorized use of alcohol are specifically forbidden on board company vessels. Accordingly, Crystal Cruises will not employ persons known to use drugs. All new crew members will have to take a drug test within the first 72 hours of joining the ship. All crew members are subject to random drug & alcohol testing.


Crystal Cruises has certain restrictions in place onboard the ships for smoking and e-cigarettes. Smoking is only allowed in designated areas.

Our crew consists of a large number of nationalities and this gives you the opportunity to make lifelong friendships, but it also requires a high degree of patience, consideration and understanding.